• 25 May 2010

    Seating Plan

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    With 1 month to go to your wedding, what’s every bridal couples nightmare….final seating plan arrangements!!! I know when I speak to people to confirm their final requirements for their chair covers order, 9 times out of 10 you are still awaiting a few people to confirm whether they can make it or not.  Well help is at hand for all those changes with this simple top table planner. I came across this tool quite by accident but I think it’s pure genius (they haven’t paid me to say that) I have just worked through the free trial and its so easy to use. The chance to see your room set out and identify male/female placements makes this thankless job a breeze. With the option of adding dance floors, cake table etc you have all you need to plan your room at your fingertips.

    When considering your top table people often ask me whats the correct arrangement, well I think the straight forward answer is that every family is different therefore you need to be sympathetic to all concerned. Over the last few years I have seen top tables stretch upto 15 places long to the smallest setting of 2, just the bride and groom!! The traditional arrangement is a table of 8 with:

    bride and groom seated centrally
    Brides father next to his daughter and Brides mother next to groom
    Grooms mother next to Brides father and Grooms father next to brides mother
    and at the ends of the table best man, next to grooms mother and chief bridesmaid next to grooms father
    This configuration follows the rhythm of female/male/female etc.

    Of course no top table looks complete without our fabulous embroidered sashes

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