• 13 July 2010

    Patterns Please!

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    When thinking about the colour scheme of your wedding don’t just think in terms of solid colour blocks, the colour of the bridesmaids dress, the grooms cravat, sashes on your chair covers, ribbon on your cake etc etc. Why not try to include some pattern in the mix. When focusing on dressing your venue, there are many components to consider – the one thing that can get overlooked is the decoration of the actual table!! Yes you have booked your chair covers, chosen your sash colour, thought about a top table swag, and added table runners to your table too. But why not think about shaking the table up a bit by adding a patterned table cloth

    credit: Martha Stewart image

    In the example shown here the table cloths have a multi-coloured floral print with charming centrepiece flower pots – the overall look of the setting is changed purely because the of the patterned base cloth. Image how different this would look with a plain white cloth, even a solid coloured cloth would alter the impact of the table setting.

    Another simple but really effective addition to a plain coloured cloth is a use of a patterned table runner as shown below.

    credit: Martha Stewart image

    This example uses wallpaper cut into the appropriate length, very quick and easy but just image how much fun you could have with this simple idea. The choice of wallpaper is so extensive and a couple of rolls should be enough, making it a very budget conscious option. Whether you would  opt for mini patterns or brash bold designs this is an excellent way to add personality to your venue decoration…..and patterns are so very vogue at the mo!!!

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