• 15 July 2010

    Lacy Days

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    As the trend for lace continues the demand for our lace sashes is becoming more evident. Being based in Nottingham where the history and tradition of the textile trade centred around the manufacture of lace for many years, it makes it more special that we should includes these exclusive lace sashes in our range.

    But don’t just take our word for it here are some other products available which you could team together to achieve that delicate vintage look only lace can give you. Above a delicate lace ‘table cloth’ in white laid over a darker base cloth for maximum impact. Ornate scalloped plates and pretty printed napkins – just imagine how well our lace sashes would have fitted at this table. Lace sashes shown here in pink but also available in white and ivory.

    Timeless lace wedding dress, a real show stopper. So strong on textural detail the simple empress line shows the fabric off to its best.

    There are so many ways to incorporate lace into your wedding theme, demonstrated here with two cake examples.

    And the delicate laser cut work on this wedding invitation mimics lace brilliantly.

    Let your imagination run wild and think of as many ways to include lace as possible.

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