• 29 May 2010

    Fashion + Technology = Wedding Dress

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    OK so I confess to being a fabric nerd. I have always been drawn towards fabrics, how they feel, drape, move and even perform. So it should come as no surprise that I was intrigued by the developments that have been taking place in my home town of  Sheffield at Hallam University, where students from art and technology courses have been combing forces. Puzzled? Well the result of these combined collaborations is the DISSOLVABLE wedding dress

    Dissolvable wedding dress

    Considering the concept of throw away fashion and the idea that the wedding dress is possibly the most important garment a bride will ever choose to wear – and then wear it only once, the students designed a dress that challenged this notion.

    Read more at http://www.shu.ac.uk/news/release.html?ID=649

    Just be careful not to spill any champagne on it would be my advise!!

    So this has got me wondering, what other ‘alternative ‘ fabrics have people used to construct their wedding gowns from? How about blushing bride, Rachael who made her dress from bubble wrap?

    Rachaels wedding gown made from bubble wrap

    …..and only if this is considered art is it accepatable…a wedding dress made from toilet paper!!!!

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