• 5 May 2010

    Election Day Special

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    I thought as tomorrow is obviously an important day it would be appropriate to comment on the Election. This had me struggling as to what to write!!! However a flash of inspiration came to me when I considered what would happen if you voted for the party represented by the sash colours chosen by our brides and grooms over the last 12 months. Therefore indepth Nobility Chair Cover analysis has been undertaken by my husband (he’s a numbers man!!) in counting the weddings of red, blue, yellow and green colour schemes.

    From May 2009 – 2010 one colour dominated our chair cover bookings and if the results tomorrow night go the same way as our most popular colour, many of you will be surprised that Caroline Lucas of the Green party will be occupying Number 10.

    Green, yellow, blue and red sashes

    Sashes in accordance to our main political parties.  Green Party – Green Sash, Liberal Democrats – Yellow Sash, Conservatives – Blue Sash and Labour – Red Sash…….. but don’t let our chair covers sway your vote!!!

    Just a bit of fun!

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