• 12 October 2010

    Autumnal Colours

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    You just cannot beat a clear, bright Autumn day for bold striking colours. The juxtaposition of electric blue skies and fiery orange leaves must be every wedding photographers dream. So it comes as no surprise at this time of year, that regardless of fashion trend colours, we are always asked to supply ‘autumnal coloured’ sashes for our chair covers.

    When styling your colour palette around tones and hues of oranges and browns there is so much scope. Floral bouquets are positively glowing, as if on fire, with deep russet shades that are warming and vibrant. Calla lilies are the flower that immediately springs to mind for their rich velvety texture and intensity of colour.

    As the days tend get greyer what better excuse do you need to express yourself with a burst of optimistic orange, its bound to bring a smile to your guests faces even on the a dull autumn day if the sun doesn’t make an appearance.

    I think Autumn is the only season that commands its own colour palette for weddings regardless of any other wedding colour trends that have been emerging throughout the year. If its an Autumn wedding, for me, it has to be orange!!!

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