• 11 September 2010

    1 room, 3 looks

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    Most banqueting chairs are not attractive and hence the ‘need’ to cover them up to improve the appearance of the room, is essential. However, and I don’t say this very often, not all chairs need covering as they are rather stylish as they are. As is the case with most leather dining chairs. However as you can see in the following image, the overall appearance of the room can be given a whole new look with the addition of a¬† splash of colour from just tying sashes around the chairs.

    These ivory leather chairs are given a lift of colour with our two tone sunset sashes. They brighten the room and the colour fitted in with the bridal couples  scheme perfectly. We are happy to offer a sash only service and will pop along to your venue to tie them for you too.

    A stunning room to hold a civil ceremony in and made that bit prettier by the inclusion of our sashes.

    However if you did want to take it a step further you could cover up those black legs and opt for covers too. Shown here with our ivory covers and satin wine sashes.

    Our perfect fitting chair covers complete the look of the room, styling it beautifully for a wedding. Essential…no not in this room with its stylish cream leather chairs,…….. desirable?………..most definitely!!!!!

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