• 21 April 2010

    If it’s good enough for Sir Paul Smith……

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    ….. then it’s good enough for me.

    I recently came across this image whilst looking for inspiration for mens wedding attire.  Chair covers, flowers, cakes etc, you have to admit it’s all a bit girly. So when I saw this ‘Sape’ in his wonderful bright pink suit, I just thought how wonderful it would be to see a British groom wearing something this daring and this much fun!!!

    In the sprawling suburb of Bacongo, the gentlemen of the ‘Society for the Avancement of People of Elegance – the sape, or ‘Sapeurs’ – cut quite a dash amid their poverty-stricken surroundings.

    These well dressed gentlemen have inspired British Designer, Sir Paul Smith who wrote about the Sapes saying,

    For me, the look of the Sapeurs is just amazing. It is incredible enough today to see men dressed so elegantly in capital cities like Paris or London, let alone in the Congo. Their attention to detail, their use of colour, all set against the environment they live in, is just fantastic. As a designer, I have for years also played with opposites and the unexpected in my work, a classical jacket with an unusual lining for example. To see the Sapeurs’ amazing elegance and style in contrast to the backdrop of their unexpected living conditions is truly inspirational.

    So come all you cheeky chaps out there, let the colour flow, be a bit daring and bring a smile to our faces.

    My only concern here, however, is that in comparison to a groom wearing a suit like this, our gorgeous wedding chair covers will be upstaged!!! A white chair cover with a pretty pink sash would be no match for a dandy Sape!

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