• 7 October 2010

    Calling all chair covers connoisseurs.

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    The labyrinthe that is the world wide web can throw up some pretty incredible things most of the time. As you meander through the infinite pages you stumble across things you would never imagine you’d find. And my journey last night brought me to Wild Flower Linens. I am speechless.

    More art sculpture than chair cover?

    I really am lost for words, because while these covers are truly unique and amazing, I would worry attending this wedding that I was upstaged by a chair cover !!!!!

    So come on all you chair cover connoisseurs out there, is this going to catch on in the UK? They take a lot more fabric and sewing that’s for sure!!! Not to mention the laundry!!

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    • I love them but I imagine they are only for the very rich or famous with a massive budget for their wedding? Worth looking into though!

      Posted by Lisa Wyrzykowski on 8th October, 2010

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