• 24 June 2010

    A day to remember

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    As a bit of a sports fan I would say today was rather momentous. History was made on court 18 at Wimbledon, with an epic 5th set unfinished at 59 games each to Isner and Mahut. So here is my little tribute to the honour our sporting heroes. What are the two most popular colour themes so far this year for stylish weddings? Only green and purple, the two Wimbledon Colours. So far this year we have dressed 12 weddings with green sashes and 10 weddings with purple sashes. So I have scoured the web and found this very topical inspiration board in this years two trend colours.

    image:the dessy group

    Cockliffe Country House

    And here are the two colours working beautifully together albeit a paler version with a lilac sash.

    ….oh and one more thing……England made through to the next round of the World Cup 2010…(phew)

  • 20 June 2010

    A weekend of contrasts

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    Its been a busy week for venue styling your weddings and events. More mid-week weddings, chairs to be covered and crystal globes to dazzle. We dashed around Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and Leicestershire this weekend and it just occurred to me at 6pm on Saturday evening what a contrast of events took place.

    First Stop – Cockliffe Country House

    Dual sash colours of satin red and satin black with personalised embroidery

    A bold colour statement for Lee and Diane who had their ceremony in the house at Cockliffe and then transferred to the marquee in the idyllic grounds.

    On Saturday I was tying delicious cadburys purple sashes in beautiful bows at Risley Hall, Derbyshire

    The chair covers are the venue’s own – sashes provided by Nobility

    Next Stop – Quorn Grange Hotel, Leicestershire for more purple sashes with sparkly diamante rings and crystal globe centre pieces for Kim and Barry’s wedding.

    Flowers by Sarah with our voile plum sashes and diamante rings. The Globes made an appearance for the wedding breakfast

    Next Stop – Stapleford Park for 190 guests at the Prince’s Trust Summer Ball

    Next Stop – home to pick up the children and head back to Leicestershire.

    Next Stop – VW Bus Stop Over weekend.

    Our faithful split screen red and white beauty.

    Within the space of an hour (and as the crow flies) within a distance of 8 miles, I had gone from drinking tea in the finest china at Stapleford Park – thanks to the staff who could see we were wilting slightly after the first 120 covers,  – to drinking tea from camping mugs boiled in a Billly can. Now thats a contrast – from grandour to grass.

  • 16 June 2010

    Wedding App

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    This can be narrowed by if you start to search regionally and one good facility to do this is the  Guides for Brides website.  Quick & easy to use this site can help you through the maze of informtion. Simply search through the online directory by selecting the topic you are researching, cakes etc, and then the region you are in, Hereford, and local suppliers appear.
    Available as an app for your iphone you can use this facility when out and about shopping for bridesmaids dresses or other finishing touches. This app was designed especially for bridal couple marrying in the UK with 60,000 wedding businesses listed.  And it’s always good news to learn that this useful little tool is FREE.
    Why not check out a couple of other useful apps, iDO Planner saves time and money on expensive wedding planning companies by giving you a countdown calander for all the different components of your wedding, and when  you should be researching and booking them at different stages of the planning process. Bargin for £1.79 And I am happy to say the men don’t get overlooked here with the iGroom app with info on outfits and useful information about the various male roles and what is involved ‘on the day’
  • 11 June 2010

    It will be all white on the night

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    I was so amazed by how much I loved the look of Carriage Hall last week when we dressed the room for Laura and Gary’s wedding with white wedding chair covers and silver sashes. I usually love colour and lots of it, but I felt the need to search out some inspirational images to reflect the simplicity of a monochrome colour scheme with shades and tones of whites and silvers.

    You can achieve lots of textural interest by playing around with the surface sheen of different elements, the most obvious one is matt and shine contrasts. Pearlescent and patina surfaces can add luxury to a very simple yet sophisticated colour palette. Consider the texture and volume you choose for your floral arrangements, your wedding cake can be elegant and refined with little detail or dramatic in terms of how 3 dimensional it is decorated. Lots to play around with when just using a ‘white’ colour theme. Enjoy.

  • 7 June 2010

    A Tale of Two Weddings

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    Two Bridal couples, two different approaches to colour.

    Two of the weddings we were invloved in this last weekend were very different in their approach to the amount of colour that was used to decorate the venue. One with an abundance of colour, in deep rioja reds with detailed floral arrangements and the other wedding was stripped of colour and reduced to simple silver and white.

    Ceremony Table Swag in Rioja organza.

    Ivory chair covers to match the venues linens and rioja sashes.

    Floral centre pieces by April Flowers and Contemporary Cakes

    All the accessories on each table were colour coordinated to fit in with the wine/claret and dusky pink colour theme. Tied ribbons around the napkins, ribbons on the cookie favours and table names were all coordinated brilliantly with all the colour culmintaing in the floral centre pieces. The deepest shade in the colour palette was utilised for the chair sashes tied around the ivory chair covers.

    In complete contrast a minimalist approach to colour was displayed in another of the weddings we were ask to work on. A modern minimalist room was refelcted perfectly by the use of silver sashes and brilliant white chair covers. Tall floral arrangments with striking foliage and very little else on the table completed this elegant room.

    Shimmer Satin Satin tied cravat style

    Top table swag in match satin fabric

    Beneath these covers are dark charcoal grey chairs, to say the room was transformed would be an understatment.

  • 4 June 2010

    Mid Week Wedding Packages

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    You may have never considered having a mid week wedding before but there are bonus’s to holding your wedding Monday – Thursday.  Many venues are now compiling attractive packages which include some services in the cost. One such venue is Sutton Bonnington Hall where we dressed the chairs today.

    The conservatory at Sutton Bonnington Hall dresesd for a ceremony

    As this wedding took place on a Thursday the bridal couple had the following services included in their package. Flowers were arranged by Sarah, the day was captured on film by Julie Oswin. The car was provided care of Dennisson Classic Cars.

    More and more venues are offering inclusive packages which can cut down on the amount of time you need to  research the various suppliers.  If the suppliers come recommended then they will be  familiar with the venue and the venue are happy to use them knowing the quality of their services. Often having a mid week wedding means that you can marry with shorter notice. Weekend dates are booked so far in advance that it is not uncommon to book a date 2 years before your preferred date. This isn’t the case with mid week weddings, availability is more or less guaranteed.  And an extra bonus is that your budget won’t be dented too much as there are price incentives to marry mid week.

  • 29 May 2010

    Fashion + Technology = Wedding Dress

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    OK so I confess to being a fabric nerd. I have always been drawn towards fabrics, how they feel, drape, move and even perform. So it should come as no surprise that I was intrigued by the developments that have been taking place in my home town of  Sheffield at Hallam University, where students from art and technology courses have been combing forces. Puzzled? Well the result of these combined collaborations is the DISSOLVABLE wedding dress

    Dissolvable wedding dress

    Considering the concept of throw away fashion and the idea that the wedding dress is possibly the most important garment a bride will ever choose to wear – and then wear it only once, the students designed a dress that challenged this notion.

    Read more at http://www.shu.ac.uk/news/release.html?ID=649

    Just be careful not to spill any champagne on it would be my advise!!

    So this has got me wondering, what other ‘alternative ‘ fabrics have people used to construct their wedding gowns from? How about blushing bride, Rachael who made her dress from bubble wrap?

    Rachaels wedding gown made from bubble wrap

    …..and only if this is considered art is it accepatable…a wedding dress made from toilet paper!!!!

    to


  • 27 May 2010

    Wedding Reception Planning

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    For many  newly engaged couples the first step is to decide on a civil ceremony or church wedding . Once that huge  decision has been taken the next step is to start on your journey to find the perfect venue on the right day. OK deep breaths!!

    Not a decision to be taken lightly. What style of venue are you both favouring, stately home, intimate restaurant, modern contemporary refurb, exclusive hire, hotel with accommodation for your guests? There are so many options out there and more and more venues appearing all the time. With the cost of the reception usually amounting to 15-20% of the total spend then this is probably one of the toughest decisions you will have to make when planning your big day.

    You should consider what you want from your venue, great views, gardens for the children to run around in, accommodation, flexibility, and just as importantly what you DON’T want from your venue, small rooms with limited capacity if you intend to host a large wedding, restrictions on services you wish to use….’you have to use our resident DJ’ … for example.

    For many couples the reception is the focal point of the day. A time when people can relax and mingle ( ok relax after the speeches, if you are giving one of them!!) The reception is the best vehicle for expressing your personality and stamping your individuality on the day. How you theme the wedding, the methods by which you decorate the room, balloons or flowers…or both etc. all these elements will contribute to the atmosphere of the reception, the fun part of the day. For some couples, details like crockery, cutlery and chair covers are an extravagance, whilst for other they are the icing on the cake and the finishing touches that help add that element of class. After spending 20%  of your budget on your dream venue including feeding your guests a hearty meal and having spent the afternoon sipping champagne you wouldn’t want the decor of the room to be compromised by burgundy banqueting chairs when your colour scheme is purple. Typically you can expect to spend a few hundred pounds to perfect the room with quality products.

    Balloons and chair covers coordinated to fit in with the black and white theme.

  • 26 May 2010

    Flower Power

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    As the Chelsea Flower Show is in full swing, why not take a look at these two sites and brush up on the difference between your alliums and agapanthus.

    The bbc are covering the flower show with excellent coverage on Beeb 2, essential viewing every evening for me! And then the official site for Chelsea is jam packed full of fabulous images and ideas to spark your imagination.

    If you haven’t selected your wedding flowers yet and need some inspiration then start to look around and research on the web. There are so many beautiful flowers available. Whether you are attracted to a flower because of its sculptural qualities, it’s depth of colour or its silhouette there is so much to choose from and information to be found.

    Wedding’s in the UK this year appear to be focusing very heavily on greens and purples with the trend for the chair cover sashes ranging from ‘Cadbury’s Purple’ to soft lilacs and light pistachio green to deeper forest greens, these are always so beautifully coordinated with the floral arrangements for the table centrepieces or the hand held bouquets carried by the bride and her bridesmaids.

  • 25 May 2010

    Seating Plan

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    With 1 month to go to your wedding, what’s every bridal couples nightmare….final seating plan arrangements!!! I know when I speak to people to confirm their final requirements for their chair covers order, 9 times out of 10 you are still awaiting a few people to confirm whether they can make it or not.  Well help is at hand for all those changes with this simple top table planner. I came across this tool quite by accident but I think it’s pure genius (they haven’t paid me to say that) I have just worked through the free trial and its so easy to use. The chance to see your room set out and identify male/female placements makes this thankless job a breeze. With the option of adding dance floors, cake table etc you have all you need to plan your room at your fingertips.

    When considering your top table people often ask me whats the correct arrangement, well I think the straight forward answer is that every family is different therefore you need to be sympathetic to all concerned. Over the last few years I have seen top tables stretch upto 15 places long to the smallest setting of 2, just the bride and groom!! The traditional arrangement is a table of 8 with:

    bride and groom seated centrally
    Brides father next to his daughter and Brides mother next to groom
    Grooms mother next to Brides father and Grooms father next to brides mother
    and at the ends of the table best man, next to grooms mother and chief bridesmaid next to grooms father
    This configuration follows the rhythm of female/male/female etc.

    Of course no top table looks complete without our fabulous embroidered sashes