• 17 October 2011

    Centrepieces in all shapes and sizes

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    Are flowers out and candles in? Will the desire for all things vintage continue? Will we see another summer of purple weddings? Everyone’s talking about blue being the new purple. OOOh after a very busy 2011 I can’t wait for 2012 to unfold.

    Our product ranges has exploded this year and here are a few tasty nibbles for you to feast on.

    Pretty crystal drop candelabras available in 5 arm , 3 arm or single stem. Arranged here on the top table and sitting very pretty on our Nottingham Lace runners. Mini crystal globe tea lights and delicate touches of colour are added through some floral accents. Oh so vintage.

    Martini glasses can be filled with whatever your heart desires. Flowers, gel balls, pearls, smarties and marshmallows-oh why not? This tropical colour scheme had perfect matching sashes and centrepieces. Just as the bride has requested.

    Why not add an element of drama to your wedding with contrasting colours making an eye catching statement, just as these black candelabras have done. Dressed with roses and standing tall, they really gave the room a focal point when you entered. Matching tango and candy sashes too tied at the side.

    So much choice the hardest thing is which one not to have.

  • 9 January 2011

    Christmas Cheer

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    So it’s all over for another year and didn’t it go fast!!! I thought I was busy with all the family preparations but imagine if you were organising a wedding too!! Well all our Christmas bridal couples did a brilliant job of having everything planned well in advance and I love to see a bit of the Christmas theme brought into a wedding.

    And what better way of adding a touch of jovial spirit to your wedding with these fabulously festive arrangements on the back of the chair covers. Each aisle chair was adorned with these mini arrangements secured by the sashes.

    The sashes are a luscious berry red which is very fitting for Christmas time.

    Fresh flowers, berries, acorns or silk flowers can be used to add extra detail to the aisle chairs, let your imagination run wild.

  • 2 November 2010

    Details details details

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    Once you have your wedding date and venue booked, the big ticket items reserved and spread the word to all your friends and family the fun can really start as you think about the smaller details. And oh how we love the details, the little individual touches to your wedding that make it one of a kind. Here are a few little tasters that we came across.

    I just love the attention to detail here for the men. Firstly the sunshine yellow colour coordinated tie and button hole matching most eloquently with the brides playful bow – so very well thought out. A big tick.  Secondly the patterned tie, handkerchief and cuff links are a real winner. Good to see the men are not forgotten.

    Enough to bring a smile to anyones face, these delightful forks engraved with ‘Mr & Mrs’  perfect for tucking into your wedding cake. A lovely touch to the sole of the brides shoes with the addition of the bride and grooms initials. Amazing how the little items can have a big impact.

    A couple of foody ideas here. Brilliantly individual cupcakes which are so detailed I would struggle to choose which one to devour and why not add fruit mint or edible flowers to your ice cubes for the ultimate summer drink.

    Now we think one of our brides got all the details just right this year with her vintage themed wedding. Coordinating lace on her name cards and lace sashes on her chair covers, combined with floral tea cup candles made a perfect table setting – argh we love working with stylish folk!!

    ………….and how could we forget to mention one final detail, each female guest had a beautiful peach coloured rose tied to the back of her chair – now thats detailed planning!!!

  • 18 October 2010

    Check this out…

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    As Winter draws in we turn our thoughts towards planning for next years weddings, as we know how quickly time flies. We are happy to share with you any inspirational little gems we find along the way as we work with our clients to help them perfect their wedding day, whether they are just hiring chair covers from us or the full styling package including our centrepieces, napkin rings, favours etc.

    So one theme that is proving more and more popular appears to be English Country style weddings. Either capturing the feel indoors or holding your wedding in a marquee, its certainly a trend that’s on the up. So we have gathered some images together, that for me, epitomises the feel of the country wedding style, gingham!!

    Blue gingham fabric can easily be incorporated into your wedding and even works well for the fellas as shown here with a great contrasting floral detail.

    The colour that springs to mind when mentioning gingham is usually those red and white little checks, and its no surprise because there are so many options available in this colourway, from ribbons, table clothes, trims and fabric. You are spoilt for choice with red gingham and doesn’t it all look great?

    Gingham really does evoke the perfect tea party / picnic with outdoor eating, good food and a certain element of things being homemade and hand crafted. Spread the love jam would make an excellent favour to offer to your guests

    Anyone looking to hold their wedding in Spring or at Easter time can’t deny these yellow gingham ideas would work brilliantly. The sunshine yellow would fit beautifully with daisy or tulips alike all the early signs of  Spring.

    And we couldn’t sign off without mentioning pink gingham. Pink is a classic wedding colour that never goes out of fashion, very girly we know, but a very versatile colour none the less. Gingham printed flower jugs and bunting are perfect accessories.

    Complete the look with our chair covers, gingham sashes and table runners.

  • 2 October 2010

    Do you have a theme to your wedding?

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    Trends and fashions change very rapidly but it is true to say that ‘theming’  your wedding is very in vogue at the moment.

    One of the simplest themes to incorporate into your wedding at the moment is butterflies, they can be included in many elements of your day, from hair pieces to table confetti.

    Butterflies are usual evoke a cheerful feel to the day which is quite whimsical and light hearted.

    The inclusion of any themed elements to your day could be quite subtle are far more obvious as with this amazing wedding dress which is printed with large scale multi coloured butterflies, cut with a full skirt to show off this amazing print- just wonderful. And if you had these amazing Aruna Seth shoes hugging your toes you would surely want to show their sparkly butterflies to the world.  Brilliantly contemporary.

    So a more discreet method of inclusion could come through the choice of subtle pastel colours which are still carrying the butterfly imagery, as with these delicate lacy butterfly cup cake cases or this stylish 3 tier wedding cake adorned with scattered paper butterflies. Elegantly simple

    And so to the venue styling and how to get the continuation of your theme flowing to the room decor. Simple really, with this colourful and tropical setting, butterfly table numbers and cut out name place cards fluttering on the edge of the wine glasses. Fantastic fun.

    So from a simple ‘theme’ such as butterflies, you can see firstly how you can achieve three very different styles and just how easy it is to run the idea through the entire day.

    A more simple approach is to stick with a colour theme that runs through your wedding, which is almost a given, and most commonly stems from the colour of the flowers or bridesmaids dresses. Theming a wedding is not for everyone but for those that feel everything should have a common thread  – from those initial invitations to the cutting of the cake. On our travels popping chair covers on we have come across many varied themes, which are quite easy to spot just from the decor of the venue. One of the most fun themes I have come across was a ‘Hawaiian’ themed wedding with cocktail umbrellas and floral leis for all the guests to wear, I wonder if the bride wore a grass skirt?

  • 11 September 2010

    Monogram Initials

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    Usually couples chose to have some kind of theme running through their wedding day celebrations, whether that be a chosen colour, a style -such as a vintage theme – or a popular choice at the moment is to have butterflies as a motif. However with Andrew and Rachel’s wedding their chosen motif was their initials R and A which they incorporated into as many aspects of their day as they could.

    The monogram of their initials can be seen here on their cake in gold. So when Rachel asked if it was possible to have this motif on their embroidered sashes we managed to maintain the theme for them by stitching the R and A exactly as you see it on the cake.

    We cannot guarantee to always embroidered motifs this specific, but it’s worth asking. We can easily alter the font type but one consideration must always be if the chosen font is capable of being stitched.

    Below is another example of the inclusion of the monogram on Rachel & Andrew’s table seating plan. This was carried through onto the tables and each menu and name card also had the initials clearly printed in gold.

    We aim to tailor make our service to provide you with all the personal touches you wish to have on your special day.

  • 14 June 2010

    May’s Featured Wedding

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    Many thanks to Louise and Nicholas for sharing their special day with us all. Every moment was captured brilliantly by Geoffrey and Nicola Sumpter and the images are here for you all to enjoy. I think you will all agree it looked like everyone involved had a fantastic day and every element of the day was beautifully coordinated.

    Follow their day here on our  ‘featured wedding’ spot.

  • 10 June 2010

    What no chair covers?

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    OK so chair covers are not for everyone, whether that be budget constraints, chairs with arms or you think the chairs at your venue do not need covering, whatever the reason – and it better be a good one – if you’re choosing not to have chair covers on your big day, take a look at these inspirational shots of chairs (albeit uncovered) making a statement all of their own.

    Glamorous, opulent silver and black chairs with show off pink table linen

    Fabulously stripey chairs in bold green and white – perfect if your a Yeovil Town supporter – not so good if your colour scheme is pink or purple!!

    Delicate white rattan chairs with ornamental trim decorated with hot pink flower and ribbon.

    Decorative iron chairs with white padded cushions

    A mix n match collection of chairs, very french!!

    And amazing vibrant turquoise blue chairs, a bit of a show stopper – I love these.

    And I could possibly excuse this bridal couple for not covering these magnificent chairs  because of their elaborate design, beautiful carving and funky fabrics. What no chair covers here…go on I’ll let you off.

  • 24 May 2010

    Chairs, crystals, coordination?…, we have it covered!

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    We dressed a table on Saturday at the Carriage Hall Open Day. The venue is very new (only opened 2 years) and it has been styled in a contemporary way, exposed brick – wooden floors,  so we dressed the table in such a way to reflect that character.

    We used our pristine white wedding chair covers to cover the charcoal gray chairs andtied a crystal organza black sashes we then added our diamante buckle detail.

    The table runner was laid and then we included a mirror base which was sprinkled with clear and black table crystals. The globe centrepiece was elevated slightly and surrounded by tea lights and mini floral pots which echo the shape of the globe and complement it really well.

    Our popular named favour boxes also had a diamante detail and coordinated with the other components on the table.

    Little details like the over-sized crystal napkin rings are the final finishing touches to a truly elegant table.

    This colour combination is very sophisticated but using the same components in different colours a very different look can be achieved. Pretty feminine pastels in pinks and lilacs would give an altogether different appearance.

    If you would like any guidance on ideas and how you can ‘dress your table’ as well as your chairs then please get in touch.

  • 20 May 2010

    Football Crazy Bride and Grooms?

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    Are there any couples out there that are getting married during the football World Cup Competition (11 Jun – 11 July) and styling their wedding around their national flag colours? Just for a bit of fun your chair covers could so easily be dressed in national colours.  There must be someone out there doing it? I will be trawling all the wedding blog sites during the coming weeks to see if anyone has based their day around a football theme? Strangely enough we have very few weddings taking place the weekend of the final….ummm I wonder why?

    OK so I couldn’t resist, here are some local venues dressed with white chair covers and red sashes, you could even have two red  table runners forming the St Georges cross on your table…… and have name cards like the St Georges flag……and little football kits as the table numbers……… and have red strawberries and cream for dessert……ok… I’ll stop now!!! Imagination running wild.

    ….and just to show no bias these colours could be for the Japanese, the Danes, the Swiss….and of course England.

    Netherlands, Chile, Paraguay and USA all have red white and blue in their nation flag……so this ones just for you too…… I could go on forever… but I won’t

    However I did stumble across these images of a couple in America who styled their wedding around their national sport, baseball, and these are the results!

    You see I think is could be a lot of fun……to have a sports themed wedding…….all the grooms in favour say ah!!!…….