• 14 May 2010

    Lights, camera…Chair Covers

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    We have been out and about this morning covering chairs for a local Best Western Hotel who are up dating their website and adding some high quality images to their site, hopefully entising a few extra couples to hold their wedding at this venue.  We were called upon to supply the chair covers for the photo shoot to ‘show the room off, looking its best’.  We also dressed the room with our matching table runners and crystal globe centrepieces too!! Images to follow.

  • 8 May 2010

    Best Dressed Chairs.

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    Cast your mind back 6 or 7 years when chair covers first made their appearence on the British Wedding scene. What were the options? White covers that were ill fitting? Gold or pink sashes as your only colour option? How things have moved on. Now chair covers have become a prerequisite for any well dressed wedding. With sashes in every rainbow colour and the covers themselves in every kind of fabric known to man. So here are a few tips to consider when choosing your chair covers.

    1. What style of chair does the venue supply. Most standard banqueting chairs are easily coverable – but do made sure the quality of the fit is perfect. If your venue has a chair more like a dining chair then the covers may need to be tailor made – a service offered by yours truely -as seen with these chairs.

    2. When considering the sashes, think about the fabric type and not just the colour. The most popular fabric choice is organza which has a delicate sparkle, however satin sashes can offer you more depth of colour for your chosen colour scheme, especially if you have selected a deep shade such as navy or aubergine.

    Satin sahes in chocolate brown, sunshine yellow and antique gold.

    Organza sashes in lilac/forest green, black and wine

    3. Consider if you wish to add any styling details.

  • 1 May 2010

    Chair Covers for your Civil Ceremony

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    This is always worth a mention:  something that crops up when booking your chair covers for a civil ceremony, don’t forget about the Registrars chair!! Often the registrar will have an attendant too so more often than not you need to add an extra couple of covers onto you order. Granted these wedding chair covers won’t be used for the wedding breakfast but it makes your ceremony room look complete when all the chairs are covered – not 2 lonely uncovered chairs at the front.

    chair covers for civil ceremony

  • 27 April 2010

    White chair covers? Ivory chair covers?

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    I just thought I’d pass on this reminder to bridal couples. It’s important to check what colour table linen your venue carries as standard. It’s only a minor detail but it will effect whether you have white chair covers or ivory chair  covers – unless of course you go for black.  Most venues carry white as standard and 80% of our business is for white chair covers, however please remember to check.

    There is no right or wrong base colour for your table decorations and more often than not its down to personal preference. Examples are shown in these two images how different a room can look depending on the linen colour.

    Ivory Chair Covers Nobility

    And this example showing white chair covers

    White wedding chair covers nobility

  • 26 April 2010

    Chair Covers and so much more….

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    Well folks its a busy weekend ahead. Four couples have chosen our wedding chair covers to decorate their venues and add the perfect finishing touch to their big day.

    With an array of different colour scheme being chosen from fashionable purple and silver to deep navy and classic antique gold.

    Not only are we on the road with our chair covers this weekend out fabulous crystal globes and stylish named favour boxes will complete the ‘sitting pretty’ package for Marilyn and Roberts wedding. Having chosen silver as their main colour our silver sashes, crystal globes and favour boxes will transform their room and wow their guests. And of course no wedding would be complete without our unique embroidered sashes.

    Silver and neutrals are predominant this season with a hint of colour – whether that be pink, amethyst or as shown here with a hint of honey yellow.

    Chair cover trends grey Nobility Chair Covers

    Grey is such  a versatile base colour which you can manipulate to be either glitzy and gamourous by adding elements of sparkle and glitz – more a dazzling silver rather than grey.  Or treat it in another way, as shown in the board above, as a neutral natural base colour, more organic and earthy. Your accent colour can be slotted into your venue decor, wedding attire or stationery when you use grey or silver as a base colour.

  • 19 April 2010

    Individual Embroidered Sashes

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    Worked on embroidered sashes today for Harriet whose wedding is in the Autumn. Working with an autumnal colour palette of burnt oranges and firey reds her unique sashes will be completmented by our chair covers and table runners.

    If you are working to a particular colour palette or wedding theme why not let us know what it is!!