• 23 May 2012

    Alternative to flower centrepieces

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    Over the last few weekends the wedding season has been in full swing.
    Chair covers are flying out right, left and centre as are all our crystal globe centrepieces. All our crystal centrepieces were gracing the tables at 2 weddings this last weekend










    However if you prefer fresh flowers then we can offer those too










    Last week must have been the week for burgundy weddings!!

    What colour will you choose?




  • 12 October 2011

    New Member of staff

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    We would officially like to welcome Fran Staniland on board.

    Fran starts as soon as she returns from holiday later in the month and is working to expand the Nobility brand so we can offer our quality products to more of you lovely brides and grooms.

  • 11 October 2011


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    Hello Folks

    Its been a while since we posted on our blog ( I know way too long) I can only put that down to being so busy!!!

    Due to the seasonal nature of our profession, the weeks and months just roll by. Normally we gear up for the season to start in April but in 2011 we had our busiest January on record and things just never eased up….till now…10 months later.

    We have played such a great part in so many weddings this year and worked with some creative brides. We have maintained our high standards, exceeded on quality and contributed to some truly exquisite weddings.

    Here are a few of my favourites

    Prestwold Hall

    Out tailor made covers fitting perfectly as always

    We are still innovating and introducing little special touches that make all the difference.

    and the delightful Stapleford Park

    There are lots of exciting things happening in preparation for 2012, so we aim to keep you posted soon.

  • 7 October 2010

    Calling all chair covers connoisseurs.

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    The labyrinthe that is the world wide web can throw up some pretty incredible things most of the time. As you meander through the infinite pages you stumble across things you would never imagine you’d find. And my journey last night brought me to Wild Flower Linens. I am speechless.

    More art sculpture than chair cover?

    I really am lost for words, because while these covers are truly unique and amazing, I would worry attending this wedding that I was upstaged by a chair cover !!!!!

    So come on all you chair cover connoisseurs out there, is this going to catch on in the UK? They take a lot more fabric and sewing that’s for sure!!! Not to mention the laundry!!

  • 12 September 2010

    Lacy Days

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    As the fashion for vintage inspired things continues our lace sashes have been very much in demand. Available in white, soft pink and ivory – as shown below on our white chair covers. The patterning on the lace sashes add an extra element of detail to the chairs and are more ornate than the usual organza or stain sash.

    Decorated with a pretty rose corsage on each aisle chair the room was so pretty and very feminine.

    As the high street trend for lace continues to dominate these sashes are right on trend as well as being ultra sophisticated. And how appropriate being in a city famous for its lace production in the past.

    If you are incorporating lace into any other aspect of wedding – whether that be your dress, invitations or cake – then consider our lace sashes too to make the whole day fully coordinated.

  • 9 September 2010

    English Country Wedding

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    Weddings in grand stately houses are impressive, intimate weddings at tiny reclusive venues are charming but there’s nothing quite like a good English Country Wedding to warm your heart. So on the busiest weekend of the year it was such a pleasure to work at all three types of venues.  Here are a few snap shots of our involvement in a truely English Affair.

    You see images like this in all the magazines, but rarely are you involved in them,  so I was thrilled to be able to help transform this barn in Nottinghamshire for Tina and Dom’s wedding.

    Travelling in style in the Nobility Van busy transporting our chair covers throughout Englands green and pleasant land.

    Oh I just love this, you couldn’t get more charming if you tried.

    The interior of the barn was swagged with ivory fabric creating the illusion of a marquee, all the tables were dressed with crisp white linens and we added our covers and gold sashes, embroidered sashes and top table swag as a finishing touches.

  • 12 July 2010

    Access all areas

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    One of the interesting things about offering a chair covers service is visiting all the various wedding venues in the local region. All the local venues offer you something different whether it be in their location, architectural style, package offer, grandeur or simplicity, from the latest modern refurbishment to a stately home or a historic castle. Choosing your venue is one of the most challenging decision you will have to make on your wedding journey.

    12th century Castle dressed with organza midnight blue sashes for Joanne’s ceremony on Friday

    So here’s a little extra thing you may want to consider. What is the access like to your venue? To the room you have chosen to hold your ceremony in – and if holding your civil ceremony and wedding breakfast in one location – will you be having the whole day in one room or will you be transferring between two different suites?

    Bear in mind your guests as well, do any of them require wheel chair access? Does the wedding venue have a lift? Not a glamorous thing to take into consideration but a very important one….and one that your guests will appreciate you taking time over……why do I mention this? This was on my mind this weekend as I was dressing chair covers at a local 12th century Castle -  with very limited access for unloading, I then had a mountain to climb to get to the ceremony room but WOW, when I arrived in the room the views were just stunning over the valley below and the adjacent hillside. What a pity Bolsover Castle didn’t have the foresight to plan a lift all those years ago in the 12th century!!! The plus side…. 75 stairs up and 75 stairs down to unload, and repeat 7 times…means my workout for the weekend was completed without a StairMaster anywhere in sight!!! But, joking aside, would like have been a good choice for elderly guests?

  • 8 July 2010

    Personalising your wedding

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    One of the many ways you can personalise your wedding is with our unique embroidered sashes. These are all one-offs. Each one is stitched just for you, on the fabric you wish and in any colour thread.  The sashes are then yours to take home as a keepsake of your day.

    Here is an example of some of  this weekends embroidered sashes on a variety of fabric bases, satin and organza. Two different designs are shown here, floral design – positioned horizontally across the sash and filigree, positioned to the left of the wording.  Some couples choose to include their venue on their sashes, whilst others add a more personal choice of words as in the example of Micheal above.  I often get asked whats the most popular or typical wording, and that tends to be the christian names of the couple and the wedding date.

    All the embroidered sashes are approximately 6 inches deep and are tied on the chair covers in the same way as the plain sashes. The embroidered sashes really are a talking point for many wedding guests and demonstrate your attention to detail when planning and making your wedding very specific to you.

  • 28 June 2010

    All in a days work.

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    Well the wedding season is now in full swing as we travelled to five venues on Saturday for five happy couples. We packed up the chair covers, sashes in all different shades, embroidered sashes individually stitched, table runners, top table swag, crystals and tea lights all at the ready to hit the road.

    We started with blue two tone sashes, one of my favourites.

    Perfect fitting chair covers every time. These covers are ivory to match the venues table linens.

    From Blue to Pink,  Clare chose to have two sashes tied together on the chair, overlapping the colours and tying at the side. Far more elegant than the deep green chairs now disguised beneath our covers!!

    Combining our wine and pink organza sashes.

    Next colour sage green sashes on ivory chair covers again, this time tying the sashes cravat style, see how versatile we can be!!!

    ..and a matching top table swag and cake table swag ( not shown) in the same sage green .

    The chairs were transferred from the ceremony room into an alternative room for the wedding breakfast.

    Our next colour scheme is one of our most popular, satin wine sashes.

    We dressed the cake table with a matching satin wine sash too. And these embroidered sashes are for Jane and Carl to keep as a keepsake of their wedding day. Stitched with silver thread.

    And finally our final colour of the day was mink, a new colour we have added to our sash collection this year, and proving very popular too. With matching table runner and a few extra bits of sparkle too.

    All matching beautifully.

  • 3 June 2010

    England’s Green & Pleasant Land

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    As beautiful on the outside as they are on the inside, here are some of the venues we visted over the weekend. All of the venues have their own character and charm all of which are enhanced by our venue decoration service. When choosing a venue as decorative as the ones shown below then you wouldn’t want the whole ambience of the room to be spoilt by standard banqueting chairs.  Chair covers to the resue to disgue those unsightly, dirty worn out chairs.

    Beautiful Gardens…and the sun as well.

    Gorgeous exterior to this hall built in the 19th century

    Stunning interior shot, all dressed ready for the ceremony.

    Always bear in mind when booking your venue what use you have of the grounds – are there any areas that are off limits? , if there is any restriction on the use of confetti and if you have exclusive use or is there another wedding on the same day?

    Beautiful manicured lawns

    Perfect finishing touches

    Another consideration when selecting your venue is to spend some time walking around outside and if there are any particular areas that you like, whether it be the open fields in the background or the facade of the house then mention this to your photographer and make sure they capture your venue as you would like to see it in all it’s glory….both inside and out.

    Beautiful even in the rain!!!

    Stunning navy blue sashes