• 23 April 2010

    It’s all in the detail

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    I have just finished a fabulous meeting with a bridal couple planning their August wedding.  Their fresh colour palette of baby pink and pistachio is coming together very nicley throughout all aspects of their day. I am delighted by how much fun these guys are having playing around with their colour scheme. We have even discussed today that their drinks package is fitting into the colour scheme too – how much detail is that? I hope all their guests appreciate the amount of thought that is going into this!!!

    The arrival drink will a refreshing mint and watermelon cocktail.

    Umm a nice cool thirst quencher to get the celebrations underway.

    In a blender, puree the flesh from 7lbs of watermelon, strain into a large jug and add 1/4 cup of freshly squeezed lemon juice and enough rum to suit your taste. Pour into glasses and top with sparkling water. Decorate with  fresh mint. Fresh and fruity!!!

    Needless to say we are preparing something a little bit special for their chair covers. We have designed a way to work with a dual colour scheme, such as this, to show of the chair covers to maximum effect. A simple detail will make all the difference. Having soo much fun working on this project with this fabulously creative couple. Will share details after the event. Their wedding decor will be very unique and reflect the fresh breezy feel they wish to create for their wedding day.

  • 21 April 2010

    If it’s good enough for Sir Paul Smith……

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    ….. then it’s good enough for me.

    I recently came across this image whilst looking for inspiration for mens wedding attire.  Chair covers, flowers, cakes etc, you have to admit it’s all a bit girly. So when I saw this ‘Sape’ in his wonderful bright pink suit, I just thought how wonderful it would be to see a British groom wearing something this daring and this much fun!!!

    In the sprawling suburb of Bacongo, the gentlemen of the ‘Society for the Avancement of People of Elegance – the sape, or ‘Sapeurs’ – cut quite a dash amid their poverty-stricken surroundings.

    These well dressed gentlemen have inspired British Designer, Sir Paul Smith who wrote about the Sapes saying,

    For me, the look of the Sapeurs is just amazing. It is incredible enough today to see men dressed so elegantly in capital cities like Paris or London, let alone in the Congo. Their attention to detail, their use of colour, all set against the environment they live in, is just fantastic. As a designer, I have for years also played with opposites and the unexpected in my work, a classical jacket with an unusual lining for example. To see the Sapeurs’ amazing elegance and style in contrast to the backdrop of their unexpected living conditions is truly inspirational.

    So come all you cheeky chaps out there, let the colour flow, be a bit daring and bring a smile to our faces.

    My only concern here, however, is that in comparison to a groom wearing a suit like this, our gorgeous wedding chair covers will be upstaged!!! A white chair cover with a pretty pink sash would be no match for a dandy Sape!

  • 20 April 2010

    Ash claims first Nobility postponement

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    Icelands volcanic eruption has claimed our first victim with one of our Saturday bookings being postponed.  It is not all bad, as the wedding still took place in Bali and the booking was for a celebratory party back here.  Nevermind, once it is rearranged our fantastically well fitting wedding covers will have the opportunity to transform the venue as always.

  • 19 April 2010

    Individual Embroidered Sashes

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    Worked on embroidered sashes today for Harriet whose wedding is in the Autumn. Working with an autumnal colour palette of burnt oranges and firey reds her unique sashes will be completmented by our chair covers and table runners.

    If you are working to a particular colour palette or wedding theme why not let us know what it is!!