• 8 May 2010

    Best Dressed Chairs.

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    Cast your mind back 6 or 7 years when chair covers first made their appearence on the British Wedding scene. What were the options? White covers that were ill fitting? Gold or pink sashes as your only colour option? How things have moved on. Now chair covers have become a prerequisite for any well dressed wedding. With sashes in every rainbow colour and the covers themselves in every kind of fabric known to man. So here are a few tips to consider when choosing your chair covers.

    1. What style of chair does the venue supply. Most standard banqueting chairs are easily coverable – but do made sure the quality of the fit is perfect. If your venue has a chair more like a dining chair then the covers may need to be tailor made – a service offered by yours truely -as seen with these chairs.

    2. When considering the sashes, think about the fabric type and not just the colour. The most popular fabric choice is organza which has a delicate sparkle, however satin sashes can offer you more depth of colour for your chosen colour scheme, especially if you have selected a deep shade such as navy or aubergine.

    Satin sahes in chocolate brown, sunshine yellow and antique gold.

    Organza sashes in lilac/forest green, black and wine

    3. Consider if you wish to add any styling details.

  • 5 May 2010

    Election Day Special

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    I thought as tomorrow is obviously an important day it would be appropriate to comment on the Election. This had me struggling as to what to write!!! However a flash of inspiration came to me when I considered what would happen if you voted for the party represented by the sash colours chosen by our brides and grooms over the last 12 months. Therefore indepth Nobility Chair Cover analysis has been undertaken by my husband (he’s a numbers man!!) in counting the weddings of red, blue, yellow and green colour schemes.

    From May 2009 – 2010 one colour dominated our chair cover bookings and if the results tomorrow night go the same way as our most popular colour, many of you will be surprised that Caroline Lucas of the Green party will be occupying Number 10.

    Green, yellow, blue and red sashes

    Sashes in accordance to our main political parties.  Green Party – Green Sash, Liberal Democrats – Yellow Sash, Conservatives – Blue Sash and Labour – Red Sash…….. but don’t let our chair covers sway your vote!!!

    Just a bit of fun!

  • 4 May 2010


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    Crystal Globes a go go!! Get your hands on our stunning crystal globes while you can. We knew when we introduced these gorgeous centrepieces to our product offering they would be a real winner, what we didn’t expect is just how quickly they would be snapped up. The globes make a dazzling alternative to floral centrepieces and set your room a light when the lights are lowered.  Standing 75cm tall and containing 340 crystals these are the ultimate finishing touch.

    Crystal Globes

    The globes can be added to our ‘sitting pretty package’ as they were in this example to include ivory chair covers, table runners, named favour boxes, table numbers and table petals. All coordinated in silver with ivory table linens.

    Rufford Mill Chair covers

    One of the great things I love about the crystal globes is the fact they are so versatile no matter what your colour scheme is. This set up with our delicious shimmer satin wine sashes just proves that you can add  them to any room, with any colour and they still stand out as a dazzling attraction. Of course the chair covers look great too!

  • 1 May 2010

    Chair Covers for your Civil Ceremony

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    This is always worth a mention:  something that crops up when booking your chair covers for a civil ceremony, don’t forget about the Registrars chair!! Often the registrar will have an attendant too so more often than not you need to add an extra couple of covers onto you order. Granted these wedding chair covers won’t be used for the wedding breakfast but it makes your ceremony room look complete when all the chairs are covered – not 2 lonely uncovered chairs at the front.

    chair covers for civil ceremony