• 3 June 2010

    England’s Green & Pleasant Land

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    As beautiful on the outside as they are on the inside, here are some of the venues we visted over the weekend. All of the venues have their own character and charm all of which are enhanced by our venue decoration service. When choosing a venue as decorative as the ones shown below then you wouldn’t want the whole ambience of the room to be spoilt by standard banqueting chairs.  Chair covers to the resue to disgue those unsightly, dirty worn out chairs.

    Beautiful Gardens…and the sun as well.

    Gorgeous exterior to this hall built in the 19th century

    Stunning interior shot, all dressed ready for the ceremony.

    Always bear in mind when booking your venue what use you have of the grounds – are there any areas that are off limits? , if there is any restriction on the use of confetti and if you have exclusive use or is there another wedding on the same day?

    Beautiful manicured lawns

    Perfect finishing touches

    Another consideration when selecting your venue is to spend some time walking around outside and if there are any particular areas that you like, whether it be the open fields in the background or the facade of the house then mention this to your photographer and make sure they capture your venue as you would like to see it in all it’s glory….both inside and out.

    Beautiful even in the rain!!!

    Stunning navy blue sashes

  • 29 May 2010

    Fashion + Technology = Wedding Dress

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    OK so I confess to being a fabric nerd. I have always been drawn towards fabrics, how they feel, drape, move and even perform. So it should come as no surprise that I was intrigued by the developments that have been taking place in my home town of  Sheffield at Hallam University, where students from art and technology courses have been combing forces. Puzzled? Well the result of these combined collaborations is the DISSOLVABLE wedding dress

    Dissolvable wedding dress

    Considering the concept of throw away fashion and the idea that the wedding dress is possibly the most important garment a bride will ever choose to wear – and then wear it only once, the students designed a dress that challenged this notion.

    Read more at http://www.shu.ac.uk/news/release.html?ID=649

    Just be careful not to spill any champagne on it would be my advise!!

    So this has got me wondering, what other ‘alternative ‘ fabrics have people used to construct their wedding gowns from? How about blushing bride, Rachael who made her dress from bubble wrap?

    Rachaels wedding gown made from bubble wrap

    …..and only if this is considered art is it accepatable…a wedding dress made from toilet paper!!!!

    to


  • 27 May 2010

    Wedding Reception Planning

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    For many  newly engaged couples the first step is to decide on a civil ceremony or church wedding . Once that huge  decision has been taken the next step is to start on your journey to find the perfect venue on the right day. OK deep breaths!!

    Not a decision to be taken lightly. What style of venue are you both favouring, stately home, intimate restaurant, modern contemporary refurb, exclusive hire, hotel with accommodation for your guests? There are so many options out there and more and more venues appearing all the time. With the cost of the reception usually amounting to 15-20% of the total spend then this is probably one of the toughest decisions you will have to make when planning your big day.

    You should consider what you want from your venue, great views, gardens for the children to run around in, accommodation, flexibility, and just as importantly what you DON’T want from your venue, small rooms with limited capacity if you intend to host a large wedding, restrictions on services you wish to use….’you have to use our resident DJ’ … for example.

    For many couples the reception is the focal point of the day. A time when people can relax and mingle ( ok relax after the speeches, if you are giving one of them!!) The reception is the best vehicle for expressing your personality and stamping your individuality on the day. How you theme the wedding, the methods by which you decorate the room, balloons or flowers…or both etc. all these elements will contribute to the atmosphere of the reception, the fun part of the day. For some couples, details like crockery, cutlery and chair covers are an extravagance, whilst for other they are the icing on the cake and the finishing touches that help add that element of class. After spending 20%  of your budget on your dream venue including feeding your guests a hearty meal and having spent the afternoon sipping champagne you wouldn’t want the decor of the room to be compromised by burgundy banqueting chairs when your colour scheme is purple. Typically you can expect to spend a few hundred pounds to perfect the room with quality products.

    Balloons and chair covers coordinated to fit in with the black and white theme.

  • 26 May 2010

    Flower Power

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    As the Chelsea Flower Show is in full swing, why not take a look at these two sites and brush up on the difference between your alliums and agapanthus.

    The bbc are covering the flower show with excellent coverage on Beeb 2, essential viewing every evening for me! And then the official site for Chelsea is jam packed full of fabulous images and ideas to spark your imagination.

    If you haven’t selected your wedding flowers yet and need some inspiration then start to look around and research on the web. There are so many beautiful flowers available. Whether you are attracted to a flower because of its sculptural qualities, it’s depth of colour or its silhouette there is so much to choose from and information to be found.

    Wedding’s in the UK this year appear to be focusing very heavily on greens and purples with the trend for the chair cover sashes ranging from ‘Cadbury’s Purple’ to soft lilacs and light pistachio green to deeper forest greens, these are always so beautifully coordinated with the floral arrangements for the table centrepieces or the hand held bouquets carried by the bride and her bridesmaids.

  • 25 May 2010

    Seating Plan

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    With 1 month to go to your wedding, what’s every bridal couples nightmare….final seating plan arrangements!!! I know when I speak to people to confirm their final requirements for their chair covers order, 9 times out of 10 you are still awaiting a few people to confirm whether they can make it or not.  Well help is at hand for all those changes with this simple top table planner. I came across this tool quite by accident but I think it’s pure genius (they haven’t paid me to say that) I have just worked through the free trial and its so easy to use. The chance to see your room set out and identify male/female placements makes this thankless job a breeze. With the option of adding dance floors, cake table etc you have all you need to plan your room at your fingertips.

    When considering your top table people often ask me whats the correct arrangement, well I think the straight forward answer is that every family is different therefore you need to be sympathetic to all concerned. Over the last few years I have seen top tables stretch upto 15 places long to the smallest setting of 2, just the bride and groom!! The traditional arrangement is a table of 8 with:

    bride and groom seated centrally
    Brides father next to his daughter and Brides mother next to groom
    Grooms mother next to Brides father and Grooms father next to brides mother
    and at the ends of the table best man, next to grooms mother and chief bridesmaid next to grooms father
    This configuration follows the rhythm of female/male/female etc.

    Of course no top table looks complete without our fabulous embroidered sashes

  • 24 May 2010

    Chairs, crystals, coordination?…, we have it covered!

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    We dressed a table on Saturday at the Carriage Hall Open Day. The venue is very new (only opened 2 years) and it has been styled in a contemporary way, exposed brick – wooden floors,  so we dressed the table in such a way to reflect that character.

    We used our pristine white wedding chair covers to cover the charcoal gray chairs andtied a crystal organza black sashes we then added our diamante buckle detail.

    The table runner was laid and then we included a mirror base which was sprinkled with clear and black table crystals. The globe centrepiece was elevated slightly and surrounded by tea lights and mini floral pots which echo the shape of the globe and complement it really well.

    Our popular named favour boxes also had a diamante detail and coordinated with the other components on the table.

    Little details like the over-sized crystal napkin rings are the final finishing touches to a truly elegant table.

    This colour combination is very sophisticated but using the same components in different colours a very different look can be achieved. Pretty feminine pastels in pinks and lilacs would give an altogether different appearance.

    If you would like any guidance on ideas and how you can ‘dress your table’ as well as your chairs then please get in touch.

  • 22 May 2010

    How hot?

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    What a scorcher!!  If today was your wedding day I hope you were suitable dressed to withstand the hot temperatures.

    Most wedding dresses which are bought off the peg are made from synthetic fabrics these days, but if you have your dress made or by a designer label chances are your dress will be made of silk. Well here’s a little interesting fact about silk. Edmund Hillary wore silk garments on his expedition to the summit of Everest…. because silk has thermal properties!! Hilliary’s undergarments were a combination of cashmere, merino wool (soft handle) and silk. He is known to have worn close fitting silk gloves in order to keep his extremities warm and of course silk can be woven in such a way that it is very lightweight, an added bonus when climbing to 29,028 feet above sea level. So, if your frock was made of silk today chances are you may have felt slightly hotter than expected, thank goodness for air -con!

    So while I’m rambling on about fabric I’ll just share a couple of other little gems with you. A common misconception is that ‘satin’ is a what the fabric is made of…

    ‘What’s your dress made of?’

    ‘Oh it’s made from satin’

    Well folks satin is not the name of thread used to make fabric, its the method the threads are woven together to create a satin construction.  So you could have a satin fabric made from silk, polyester, nylon etc.. Hope I’m not losing you here, still awake? And speaking of Nylon do you know why it’s called nylon? Because the polymer was developed in New York and London simultaneously. Yes I am a fabric geek!! Oh and just thought of another little bit of info, do you know when I was working in the textile industry, many moons ago, yarns were being developed made from corn, known as PLA, very sustainable. Bamboo, that’s another natural product being used in the manufacture of yarns. I could go on and on….what about the antibacterial properties of silver, yeah, being used in running socks and sports bras already…. have I digressed from weddings?

    ……so of course I couldn’t go without mentioning that our quality fitting covers are made from cotton fabric, see I really am a fabric snob. Would you pop a polyester tablecloth on your table? No, so why sit on a polyester chair cover? Go for comfort every time  – choose cotton!! Lecture over:-)

  • 20 May 2010

    Football Crazy Bride and Grooms?

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    Are there any couples out there that are getting married during the football World Cup Competition (11 Jun – 11 July) and styling their wedding around their national flag colours? Just for a bit of fun your chair covers could so easily be dressed in national colours.  There must be someone out there doing it? I will be trawling all the wedding blog sites during the coming weeks to see if anyone has based their day around a football theme? Strangely enough we have very few weddings taking place the weekend of the final….ummm I wonder why?

    OK so I couldn’t resist, here are some local venues dressed with white chair covers and red sashes, you could even have two red  table runners forming the St Georges cross on your table…… and have name cards like the St Georges flag……and little football kits as the table numbers……… and have red strawberries and cream for dessert……ok… I’ll stop now!!! Imagination running wild.

    ….and just to show no bias these colours could be for the Japanese, the Danes, the Swiss….and of course England.

    Netherlands, Chile, Paraguay and USA all have red white and blue in their nation flag……so this ones just for you too…… I could go on forever… but I won’t

    However I did stumble across these images of a couple in America who styled their wedding around their national sport, baseball, and these are the results!

    You see I think is could be a lot of fun……to have a sports themed wedding…….all the grooms in favour say ah!!!…….

  • 19 May 2010

    True Blue….baby I love you

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    Well would you believe it but all our weddings this weekend have a blue colour theme.

    That doesn’t happen very often but blue seems to be the colour this weekend. After last weeks rainbow colours we have got three shades of blue sashes brightening up our prestigious local venues this weekend. Richard and Kerry have opted for our luscious two tone peacock blue sashes to add colour to their ceremony on Friday complemented by our matching table runners.

    Two Tone Peacock Sashes

    Shelly and Jason are styling their venue with our satin sky sashes and making the most of our unique embroidered sash service and having their sashes embroidered in cornflour blue thread.

    An example of the satin sky sashes with personalised embroidery

    And finally Karl and Rebecca have opted for our crystal organza sky sashes to add a delicate tint of colour for their wedding breakfast on Saturday.

    Example of our organza sky sashes and embroidered sashes on a very memorable date!!

  • 17 May 2010

    Chair Covers for high chairs?

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    I often get asked if we do chair covers for children’s high chairs. As there are so many different styles and sizes, we regret we cannot offer this as a service. Not only would it be a pattern cutting challenge to get a perfect fitting cover for a high chair, I’m not sure we could get pureed carrot and apple out if there were any spillages!! :-) However all is not lost because we are more than happy to tie a sash around the high chairs, just let us know how many children you have attending and we are happy to supply the extras sashes. We can’t say fairer than that.