• 11 September 2010

    Monogram Initials

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    Usually couples chose to have some kind of theme running through their wedding day celebrations, whether that be a chosen colour, a style -such as a vintage theme – or a popular choice at the moment is to have butterflies as a motif. However with Andrew and Rachel’s wedding their chosen motif was their initials R and A which they incorporated into as many aspects of their day as they could.

    The monogram of their initials can be seen here on their cake in gold. So when Rachel asked if it was possible to have this motif on their embroidered sashes we managed to maintain the theme for them by stitching the R and A exactly as you see it on the cake.

    We cannot guarantee to always embroidered motifs this specific, but it’s worth asking. We can easily alter the font type but one consideration must always be if the chosen font is capable of being stitched.

    Below is another example of the inclusion of the monogram on Rachel & Andrew’s table seating plan. This was carried through onto the tables and each menu and name card also had the initials clearly printed in gold.

    We aim to tailor make our service to provide you with all the personal touches you wish to have on your special day.

  • 11 September 2010

    1 room, 3 looks

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    Most banqueting chairs are not attractive and hence the ‘need’ to cover them up to improve the appearance of the room, is essential. However, and I don’t say this very often, not all chairs need covering as they are rather stylish as they are. As is the case with most leather dining chairs. However as you can see in the following image, the overall appearance of the room can be given a whole new look with the addition of a  splash of colour from just tying sashes around the chairs.

    These ivory leather chairs are given a lift of colour with our two tone sunset sashes. They brighten the room and the colour fitted in with the bridal couples  scheme perfectly. We are happy to offer a sash only service and will pop along to your venue to tie them for you too.

    A stunning room to hold a civil ceremony in and made that bit prettier by the inclusion of our sashes.

    However if you did want to take it a step further you could cover up those black legs and opt for covers too. Shown here with our ivory covers and satin wine sashes.

    Our perfect fitting chair covers complete the look of the room, styling it beautifully for a wedding. Essential…no not in this room with its stylish cream leather chairs,…….. desirable?………..most definitely!!!!!

  • 9 September 2010

    English Country Wedding

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    Weddings in grand stately houses are impressive, intimate weddings at tiny reclusive venues are charming but there’s nothing quite like a good English Country Wedding to warm your heart. So on the busiest weekend of the year it was such a pleasure to work at all three types of venues.  Here are a few snap shots of our involvement in a truely English Affair.

    You see images like this in all the magazines, but rarely are you involved in them,  so I was thrilled to be able to help transform this barn in Nottinghamshire for Tina and Dom’s wedding.

    Travelling in style in the Nobility Van busy transporting our chair covers throughout Englands green and pleasant land.

    Oh I just love this, you couldn’t get more charming if you tried.

    The interior of the barn was swagged with ivory fabric creating the illusion of a marquee, all the tables were dressed with crisp white linens and we added our covers and gold sashes, embroidered sashes and top table swag as a finishing touches.

  • 8 September 2010

    Renewing your vows?

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    It’s been a busy, long summer in the Land of Nobility, and it’s not quite finished yet.  We have had the pleasure of being involved in some stunning weddings at some of the regions finest venues.

    However we have noticed a mini trend happening for couples wishing to renew their vows, 3 in total for us this summer, such as Gemma and Simon who marked the occasion with the wording they chose for their embroidered sashes.

    Couples renew their vows for many reasons, maybe to celebrate an anniversary, to throw a big party if their initial wedding day was a small affair, if the couple were married whilst living abroad  and wish to demonstrate their commitment to friends after returning from a time away or many other reasons, who knows, maybe its just to be romantic!!!

    Many renewal services have a similar feel to a  civil ceremony with all the trimmings – chair covers included of course – however there are far less restrictions on the dos and don’t. A celebrant can lead the proceeding and it does not have to be a registrar.

    Who knows maybe in 2020 our brides and grooms from this year will be getting in touch to celebrate their 10 year anniversary and need chair covers for as they renew their vows!!!!!

  • 29 July 2010

    Personalisation Personified

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    Been to many weddings recently and now starting to plan your own? Looking to find ways to add a couple of personal touches? Look no further. Here are some suggestions which are easy to incorporate into your day.
    Table Names: Something that can be unique to each couple, whether you choose to name the tables after places you have visited together, your favourite songs or your favourite tipple – this is always something I look out for when I am popping the chair covers on as I love to see what people opt to ‘name their tables’.  My favourite to date?…….’I love you’ in 12 different languages!!

    Cake Toppers: Although I consider the choice of cake to be a very personal statement anyway, whether you go for a highly decorative cake or a refined simple cake, you can also have a bit of fun by including toppers to perch on top of your cake which always raise a smile when they are executed as perfectly as these toppers here.

    image: green & stock
    Love Hearts: A popular choice for many couples as you can print your names and wedding date on each tube. Lots of fizzy fun and it won’t break the bank. Who didn’t relish these great love heart sweets as a kid

    Embroidered Sashes;…… of course!! From the hundreds we have stitched it’s always nice to get new wording choices. I love Michael and Valerie’s selection of ..’to have and to hold’.   Other popular words are, Always and Forever. On Our Wedding Day. Each one is stitched individually and is a brilliant keepsake for your special day.

    ……….and the list goes on, personalised printed napkins, candles, engraved cake knife etc etc. So many ways to add personal touches.

  • 27 July 2010

    Going crackers???

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    We recently dressed the chairs for a couple’s wedding in July who chose to have ‘Christmas’ crackers as their favours. I thought nothing of it at the time but later wondered why I had never seen it before (apart from Christmas time weddings)

    There really is no reason not to have crackers in July and although the ones shown in the image here are very Christmasy because they are gold and match with the chair covers and sashes – you could have a lot of fun by making your own and have any colour or pattern you like. Imagine the fun!! Perfect for kids sweets, miniatures, cookies or sugared almonds even!! You could really go to town the the personal gift ideas inside, and why not include a silly hat too!! I dare you.

    In this image you can see that the cracker is labelled with the guests name too, doubling up as their place name card.

    If you feeling like you might want to have a go and make your own then  have a Blue Peter moment with a bit of cutting and sticking.

  • 15 July 2010

    Lacy Days

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    As the trend for lace continues the demand for our lace sashes is becoming more evident. Being based in Nottingham where the history and tradition of the textile trade centred around the manufacture of lace for many years, it makes it more special that we should includes these exclusive lace sashes in our range.

    But don’t just take our word for it here are some other products available which you could team together to achieve that delicate vintage look only lace can give you. Above a delicate lace ‘table cloth’ in white laid over a darker base cloth for maximum impact. Ornate scalloped plates and pretty printed napkins – just imagine how well our lace sashes would have fitted at this table. Lace sashes shown here in pink but also available in white and ivory.

    Timeless lace wedding dress, a real show stopper. So strong on textural detail the simple empress line shows the fabric off to its best.

    There are so many ways to incorporate lace into your wedding theme, demonstrated here with two cake examples.

    And the delicate laser cut work on this wedding invitation mimics lace brilliantly.

    Let your imagination run wild and think of as many ways to include lace as possible.

  • 14 July 2010

    Flower Power

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    High Street fashion is flooded with bold prints and floral designs at the moment so why not jump on the fashion bandwagon and incorporate some of the summer fun into your wedding theme and venue decoration ideas? There are so many opportunities to be bold with colour and print if you venture away from solid colour blocks. Why not take inspiration from this floral board depicting a fusion of floral styles.

    I just love the idea of bridesmaids all wearing knee length floral dresses all in varying designs and styles,  creating an eye catching montage of flowers and colours. Floral wedding stationery can be easily found but why not go bolder with your colour and up scale the pattern size of maximum impact? Florals can translate into many aspect of your wedding, clothing for the bride and bridesmaids, venue styling, stationery, cakes and even pretty floral print shoes. Why not even consider a mini print floral design for your chair covers….ummm now there’s a thought, we haven’t done that one before, but there’s always a first time, so get in touch and see what we can create just for you.

  • 13 July 2010

    Patterns Please!

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    When thinking about the colour scheme of your wedding don’t just think in terms of solid colour blocks, the colour of the bridesmaids dress, the grooms cravat, sashes on your chair covers, ribbon on your cake etc etc. Why not try to include some pattern in the mix. When focusing on dressing your venue, there are many components to consider – the one thing that can get overlooked is the decoration of the actual table!! Yes you have booked your chair covers, chosen your sash colour, thought about a top table swag, and added table runners to your table too. But why not think about shaking the table up a bit by adding a patterned table cloth

    credit: Martha Stewart image

    In the example shown here the table cloths have a multi-coloured floral print with charming centrepiece flower pots – the overall look of the setting is changed purely because the of the patterned base cloth. Image how different this would look with a plain white cloth, even a solid coloured cloth would alter the impact of the table setting.

    Another simple but really effective addition to a plain coloured cloth is a use of a patterned table runner as shown below.

    credit: Martha Stewart image

    This example uses wallpaper cut into the appropriate length, very quick and easy but just image how much fun you could have with this simple idea. The choice of wallpaper is so extensive and a couple of rolls should be enough, making it a very budget conscious option. Whether you would  opt for mini patterns or brash bold designs this is an excellent way to add personality to your venue decoration…..and patterns are so very vogue at the mo!!!

  • 12 July 2010

    Access all areas

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    One of the interesting things about offering a chair covers service is visiting all the various wedding venues in the local region. All the local venues offer you something different whether it be in their location, architectural style, package offer, grandeur or simplicity, from the latest modern refurbishment to a stately home or a historic castle. Choosing your venue is one of the most challenging decision you will have to make on your wedding journey.

    12th century Castle dressed with organza midnight blue sashes for Joanne’s ceremony on Friday

    So here’s a little extra thing you may want to consider. What is the access like to your venue? To the room you have chosen to hold your ceremony in – and if holding your civil ceremony and wedding breakfast in one location – will you be having the whole day in one room or will you be transferring between two different suites?

    Bear in mind your guests as well, do any of them require wheel chair access? Does the wedding venue have a lift? Not a glamorous thing to take into consideration but a very important one….and one that your guests will appreciate you taking time over……why do I mention this? This was on my mind this weekend as I was dressing chair covers at a local 12th century Castle -  with very limited access for unloading, I then had a mountain to climb to get to the ceremony room but WOW, when I arrived in the room the views were just stunning over the valley below and the adjacent hillside. What a pity Bolsover Castle didn’t have the foresight to plan a lift all those years ago in the 12th century!!! The plus side…. 75 stairs up and 75 stairs down to unload, and repeat 7 times…means my workout for the weekend was completed without a StairMaster anywhere in sight!!! But, joking aside, would like have been a good choice for elderly guests?