• 18 October 2010

    Check this out…

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    As Winter draws in we turn our thoughts towards planning for next years weddings, as we know how quickly time flies. We are happy to share with you any inspirational little gems we find along the way as we work with our clients to help them perfect their wedding day, whether they are just hiring chair covers from us or the full styling package including our centrepieces, napkin rings, favours etc.

    So one theme that is proving more and more popular appears to be English Country style weddings. Either capturing the feel indoors or holding your wedding in a marquee, its certainly a trend that’s on the up. So we have gathered some images together, that for me, epitomises the feel of the country wedding style, gingham!!

    Blue gingham fabric can easily be incorporated into your wedding and even works well for the fellas as shown here with a great contrasting floral detail.

    The colour that springs to mind when mentioning gingham is usually those red and white little checks, and its no surprise because there are so many options available in this colourway, from ribbons, table clothes, trims and fabric. You are spoilt for choice with red gingham and doesn’t it all look great?

    Gingham really does evoke the perfect tea party / picnic with outdoor eating, good food and a certain element of things being homemade and hand crafted. Spread the love jam would make an excellent favour to offer to your guests

    Anyone looking to hold their wedding in Spring or at Easter time can’t deny these yellow gingham ideas would work brilliantly. The sunshine yellow would fit beautifully with daisy or tulips alike all the early signs of  Spring.

    And we couldn’t sign off without mentioning pink gingham. Pink is a classic wedding colour that never goes out of fashion, very girly we know, but a very versatile colour none the less. Gingham printed flower jugs and bunting are perfect accessories.

    Complete the look with our chair covers, gingham sashes and table runners.

  • 15 October 2010

    Ruffles, frills & bows

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    Hot catwalk trends filter down to high street fashion and they also influence bridal styling too. This has been so evident in 2010 with all the ruffles, frill and bows that appeared on the catwalks earlier in the year and especially at the Oscars too.

    With so many celebrities opting for maximum volume with metres and metres of ruffles, its no surprise that this trend would find its way into our high street shops. You can’t get more fairytale that this, with such a feminine look it translate perfectly for bridal wear.

    Ruffles can be adapted for almost any style whether it be uber cool and modern, ethereal and whimsical, fun and sassy or show off and sculptural.

    But the fun doesn’t stop there, bows have been a big fashion statement for the last couple of seasons now and they are  still steeling the lime light too, with no sign of the trend going away in the near future.

    Bold contrast colours and fabrics draw the eye to the bow detail and make it the focal point of many dresses. Adopted on shoes, handbags, hair pieces you name it, the bow is a very versatile little item to adorn any part of your wardrobe, and its certainly a hot item to accessorise any wedding.

    If you are confident with colour then bows and ruffles can be a lot of fun to play around with as the examples show in these images here

    Loving the blue ruffle cake, even though it does look a little bit like a hat!!!

    All that’s left to do is add our  gorgeous chair covers and stunning bows to your wedding day and before you know it you’re a fashion aficionado!!!

  • 12 October 2010

    Autumnal Colours

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    You just cannot beat a clear, bright Autumn day for bold striking colours. The juxtaposition of electric blue skies and fiery orange leaves must be every wedding photographers dream. So it comes as no surprise at this time of year, that regardless of fashion trend colours, we are always asked to supply ‘autumnal coloured’ sashes for our chair covers.

    When styling your colour palette around tones and hues of oranges and browns there is so much scope. Floral bouquets are positively glowing, as if on fire, with deep russet shades that are warming and vibrant. Calla lilies are the flower that immediately springs to mind for their rich velvety texture and intensity of colour.

    As the days tend get greyer what better excuse do you need to express yourself with a burst of optimistic orange, its bound to bring a smile to your guests faces even on the a dull autumn day if the sun doesn’t make an appearance.

    I think Autumn is the only season that commands its own colour palette for weddings regardless of any other wedding colour trends that have been emerging throughout the year. If its an Autumn wedding, for me, it has to be orange!!!

  • 7 October 2010

    Calling all chair covers connoisseurs.

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    The labyrinthe that is the world wide web can throw up some pretty incredible things most of the time. As you meander through the infinite pages you stumble across things you would never imagine you’d find. And my journey last night brought me to Wild Flower Linens. I am speechless.

    More art sculpture than chair cover?

    I really am lost for words, because while these covers are truly unique and amazing, I would worry attending this wedding that I was upstaged by a chair cover !!!!!

    So come on all you chair cover connoisseurs out there, is this going to catch on in the UK? They take a lot more fabric and sewing that’s for sure!!! Not to mention the laundry!!

  • 4 October 2010

    Every now and again…..

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    …. I get a more unusual request. Just like this week.

    Bride ‘ I am looking for a very specific colour for my chair cover sashes’
    Nobility ‘ Can you describe it, or better still send me a swatch?’
    Bride ‘It’s kind of a cross between purple and deep pink
    Nobility  ‘Sounds lovely, is it the colour of your bridesmaids dresses?’
    Bride ‘No, my shoes. Can you match my chair cover sashes to my shoes?’
    Nobility ‘We can try’

    Which made me think about colourful wedding shoes and how popular they are at the mo. ( I wore blue shoes on my wedding day)

    So here are some delightful images I have dug out which I thought I would share with you…just because I love them!!!

    Something old, something new, something borrowed……something blue!!

    Fun polka dots and statement red shoes. Happy feet:-)

    Are you planning a Spring wedding for 2011? How fresh are these little gems?

    And of course we couldn’t leave the boys out with these bobby dazzlers!!

    But saving my personal favourites to last, its that colour again, purple is the hottest wedding colour at the moment and with shoes as chic and trendy as these you could get a A* for style.

    Cannot wait to see your shoes by the way Sally.

  • 2 October 2010

    Do you have a theme to your wedding?

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    Trends and fashions change very rapidly but it is true to say that ‘theming’  your wedding is very in vogue at the moment.

    One of the simplest themes to incorporate into your wedding at the moment is butterflies, they can be included in many elements of your day, from hair pieces to table confetti.

    Butterflies are usual evoke a cheerful feel to the day which is quite whimsical and light hearted.

    The inclusion of any themed elements to your day could be quite subtle are far more obvious as with this amazing wedding dress which is printed with large scale multi coloured butterflies, cut with a full skirt to show off this amazing print- just wonderful. And if you had these amazing Aruna Seth shoes hugging your toes you would surely want to show their sparkly butterflies to the world.  Brilliantly contemporary.

    So a more discreet method of inclusion could come through the choice of subtle pastel colours which are still carrying the butterfly imagery, as with these delicate lacy butterfly cup cake cases or this stylish 3 tier wedding cake adorned with scattered paper butterflies. Elegantly simple

    And so to the venue styling and how to get the continuation of your theme flowing to the room decor. Simple really, with this colourful and tropical setting, butterfly table numbers and cut out name place cards fluttering on the edge of the wine glasses. Fantastic fun.

    So from a simple ‘theme’ such as butterflies, you can see firstly how you can achieve three very different styles and just how easy it is to run the idea through the entire day.

    A more simple approach is to stick with a colour theme that runs through your wedding, which is almost a given, and most commonly stems from the colour of the flowers or bridesmaids dresses. Theming a wedding is not for everyone but for those that feel everything should have a common thread  – from those initial invitations to the cutting of the cake. On our travels popping chair covers on we have come across many varied themes, which are quite easy to spot just from the decor of the venue. One of the most fun themes I have come across was a ‘Hawaiian’ themed wedding with cocktail umbrellas and floral leis for all the guests to wear, I wonder if the bride wore a grass skirt?